dcp 1845 One goal of the weekend was to get some good crawling lessons in. Mission accomplished!  Gavin is now much closer to connecting all the dots needed to become a more efficient crawling troublemaker. dcp 1853 Time to plan in the pool! dcp 1857
Gavin's begins training for the 2020 Summer Olympics.  "It's all about kicking your legs", coaches Grandpa Bill. dcp 1864 dcp 1867 dcp 1869 Jill what are you doing on the couch with those dirty socks?
Rowan and Victoria ham it up for the camera.  But what else is new? dcp 1882 Time to have a little fun with Uncle Martin the Easy Chair. Jen and Barbara wisely stay bundled up in their fleece while everybody else gets soaked and cold. Like three peas in a pod - the Crawford girls.
Ain't they cute? dcp 1908 dcp 1909 dcp 1910 Is the water a wee bit chilly Kate?
dcp 1914 dcp 1915 dcp 1917 dcp 1928 The merry band of wanderers explore World's End.  That's got to be, without a doubt, the coolest name for a park.
Gavin (hiding his shy face) hanging out with all the ladies. It's Uncle Martin's taxi service for Rowan and Victoria. dcp 1936 It's now Victoria's turn riding the Martin taxi.  She's holding a really cool smelling fruit we found on the trail.  We couldn't figure out quite what it was. dcp 1939
dcp 1940 dcp 1943 dcp 1946 dcp 1950 dcp 1954
dcp 1955 dcp 1959 dcp 1960 dcp 1961