Dragon Soccer

Gavin's 4th year as a Dragon. He's played with a bunch of his teammates ever since they were 5 years old in the U6 division. They're now getting bigger and slighly more coordinated in the U9 division.
Gavin fending of some tough D. 7962775550 1dd4834c70 o 7962776986 2c777a86ac o His Dad could use some soccer tips from Gavin, like how to keep his head up while trying to get the ball. 7962780724 3f51ceb6e2 o
Halftime team strategy pow-wow. 7962796510 b75db174c9 o 7962797788 56460c4e7c o 7962811498 0b08745865 o 7962816060 d8ce0b7cc3 o
Go Gavin Go 8037624032 2461bb3a23 o 8037627930 681c4f22e7 o Zoe showing off her soccer uniform. img 6308
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