Jeff doing God-knows-what with Gavin's naked anatomically correct doll. A close-up of God-knows-what. Bundled up and headed out for a stoll.  Gavin's got some tasty items, Kathryn's speciality, to munch on. Here's the view from the little hidden street end park near our house. img 2210
Are there any bears coming after me? img 2246 img 2261 img 2680 img 2681
Woah dude.  Trippy. Zoe and Gavin crashed out hard. img 3682 Aaaaagggghhh! Prepare the launching of the plastic Easter eggs.  Ready...
img 3688 img 3690 img 3738 Jeff hanging out in our backyard. img 3922
Grandpa Saxer reads to Zoe and Gavin. img 3946 Who's this little garden gnome? img 4007 img 4042
img 4503 img 4655 img 4936 img 5026 img 5029
img 5030 img 5034 img 5120 kathryngavin Living room, aka our disaster area, panorama photo experiment.