Hans Saxer inspects the aerodynamic characteristics of a pie. img 3066 The Easter Bunny arrives with Easter baskets in tow. Gavin and Annalise inspect the goods. img 3073
img 3075 img 3076 img 3077 img 3079 img 3080
Time for a little bubble blowing competition. img 3082 img 3083 img 3085 img 3095
img 3100 img 3102 img 3106 img 3107 Getting a little bit of extra help from the Easter Bunny himself.
img 3109 img 3110 img 3112 img 3113 img 3114
img 3116 Time to see what everybody found... img 3123 Here comes the Easter Bunny to look at the baskets.  We can only imagine what he's saying to Gavin here because the next thing that happens is that Gavin is.... ...of like a shot.
img 3126 img 3127 img 3128 Hop, hop, hop like the Easter Bunny. img 3130
img 3131 Uhoh, somebody suggested grabbing the Easter Bunny's tail. img 3133 img 3134 img 3135
img 3139 img 3140 img 3142 Who knew the Easter Bunny could juggle? img 3149
img 3150