Granite Mountain Hike

Kid free hike to the top of Granite Mountain on a hot, hot day.
Everybody's happy as we start off in the shaded woods. Looking up the avalanche chute towards our destination, which is slightly to the left. Getting close to the end of the trees. Martin the water mule looking up, up, up. Kathryn hoofing it up the switchbacks in the sun.
img 9316 There's I-90 way down there. We didn't escape highway noise until the very end. Zilly starting to question the wisdom of this trek. Zilly starting to fade as our hike turned into a a shade-to-shade stopfest. img 9323
img 9325 Peek-a-boo I see you Mt. Rainier. Unfortunately smoke from forest fires in Canada made for a hazy view up top. Finally! There's the lookout. We were worried we'd have to scramble up the pile of broken granite blocks above us. Luckily the trail wrapped into the trees to the right and was nice and smooth all the way to the top. img 9332
Look back from near the top we could see Keechelus Lake at Snoqualmie Pass. Looking north. img 9338 Zilly is pretty fried at this point.  So close to the top. There's the top! Unfortunately the lookout was all locked up.
Back down in what would normally be a pond this time of year. img 9344 Kathryn and Zilly are D-O-N-E, done. Neither moved from this spot until well after dinner.