South Africa - Bush Babies Sanctuary

All the primates were free to roam around, which made it for a more intimate experience than a zoo, with it's bars, ever could be. This translate terribly well to pictures, but, trust me, it was cool.
A look out over the South African highveld. Finding a random hidden playground behind the crazy Cradle of Humankind museum in the background was certainly a highlight for Zoe and Gavin. img 0273 On to the Bush Babies Sanctuary which had all kinds of primates climbing around in the canopy around us. img 0279
img 0280 img 0281 A look up at a couple of the bridges we crossed as we explored the area with our guide and group. img 0283 This bridge looks like a good spot for a little grooming.
img 0285 img 0287 img 0289 This guy was quite a character. img 0294
Strangler figs showing off the power of their roots. Hitching a shoulder ride. Ringtail lemurs shownig off their beautiful tails. img 0307