Zoe getting ready for a hike in her own special way. Peek-a-boo view of the cabin from near the Franklin Falls trail. Inspecting Zoe and Gavin's fort. img 8838 And off we go...heading up to the Denny Creek slide and beyond.
img 8843 Grandma checking out the trees while Grandpa takes a break. Umm....hi Gavin. img 8852 Crossing Denny Creek, Zoe-low-rider style.
Zoe and Gavin's first visit, of many to come, to the Denny Creek slide. A bit too chilly to hop into the water. img 8864 img 8866 While the rest of the group turned back for the cabin at the Denny Creek slide, Martin and Kathryn ventured onwards and upwards to Melakwa Lake. The clouds danced above and around us for an hour before finally enveloping us as we neared the top. Melakwa Lake, chilly and foggy.
Hard to tell, but there are some peaks rising up beyond that fog. Ran into a couple backpackers planning to rock climb the following day.