Gavin enjoying some good boob as we start the boat ride up to Stehekin. A little smooch to start the boat ride. Michelle chilling on the back of the boat, enjoying the view. Brian giving Aidan a little lift. Why does Jeff have that big grin on his face?
Gavin meets a couple old coots who we also saw on the boat ride home.  Gavin fell asleep in the lap of the guy chatting to him. dcp 0626 dcp 0628 dcp 0629 Wow!  Look at all the rocks to throw into Lake Chelan.  I could be here for awhile.
No idea what's going on here, but it's a cute picture. dcp 0637 dcp 0640 Ready!  Aim!  Fire!  Rock throwing for young and old alike. dcp 0644
Jeff returns from a run and makes himself into a perfect baby chair. dcp 0649 I absolutely love the lighting in this picture. dcp 0664 dcp 0665
dcp 0666 dcp 0667 A short jaunt up the valley brings us to Rainbow Falls. dcp 0673 Good god, could we find you a bigger helmet Gavin? This is his first ride in a bike trailer, which he enjoyed enormously because lots of gingerbread men cookies were used for baby bribery.
Gavin rocking and rolling his way up to Rainbow Falls, pulling along Jeff and Kathryn. dcp 0681 dcp 0683 dcp 0684 dcp 0685
dcp 0693 dcp 0694 Quite a stunning view for a nursing. dcp 0699 dcp 0700
dcp 0701 dcp 0703 Gavin's zonked out into Martin's back here. dsc00610 dsc00627
dsc00629 dsc00630 Hanging out in front of the cabin for lunch.  This is the life! dsc00640 dsc00642
dsc00644 dsc00652 dsc00658 dsc00659 Talk about perfect timing!  Jeff lined this shot up and then I surprised him with the bird. Note the bad dads not wearing helmets.  Since there's essentially no traffic on this road, except for when the ferry arrives, and we were riding at a snail's pace we figured we'd be fine.  Fortunately, we were.
dsc00661 dsc00662 dsc00664 While Martin took Gavin out for a little soothing stroll this is what happened to his yummy steak dinner. dsc00674
Brian the mountain goat. dsc00682 img 2381 Grapes for one and all, with a side of ham. img 2399
img 2404 img 2409 img 2416