Random pictures from throughout the year.
The freezing rain was a bit too much for this tree near our house. A wee bit of snow downtown which is a rarity. Later that afternoon huge snow blobs of snowflakes were coming down. Washington Middle School B Ultimate team Zoe on the way home from soccer practice. Apparently she suffered a stroke or something.
A quick visit to the cabin since we weren't able to get up to Alpental on the last day due to crazy traffic all the way from the ski area out to the highway. There's still an impressive amount of snow here for the start of May. Last time touching the walls of Thurgood Marshall Elementary for Iris, Zoe, Cornelia, Violet, Sofia and Mollie. Gavin munching fortune cookie factory defects. Cabin bliss. Franklin Falls posing
Franklin Fall posing wetness aftermath First day of Gavin's 8th grade and Zoe's 6th grade at Washington Middle School. Collaborative art project Otter Falls, which is a few miles up the Taylor River valley. Driving with the ball.
Hey?! Who is that on TV talking about handshakes? I would not want Mollie, Addie, and Zoe trick-or-treating at my house. They are frightening.