Gavin's 9th Birthday

Gavin's all-boy birthday party was an outdoor affair, a risky adventure in early November in Seattle, at our favorite local park Seward Park. Much fun was had and surprisingly only a few injuries.
Zoe helping decorate the shelter. Scouting out the possibilities.  Mighty nice of the Parks Dept to blow the leaves into largish piles. The boys have discovered exactly what all these leaves are perfect for. Look at that pile!  A perfect crashpad. img 0011
Aidan, Tage and Gavin still gathering.  You know the boys in line are thinking "OK, OK, let's go!". img 0019 img 0022 Leaf fight! Break #1 - home-made chicken soup.  The camping stove came to our rescue.  In the foreground are some of the books the boys brought for the book exchange.
img 0037 Explaining the rules of Capture the Flag. Capture the Flag stand-off as each boy is safely still on their team's side. img 0050 Gavin on the prowl for the flag.
Ninja boy? img 0055 Refueling pitstop. img 0060 And, finally, the book exchange.  Kind of miraculous to see all these 8 and 9 year old crazy bundles of boy energy stop what they're doing and simply read.
Time for the Craxer family birthday celebration.  What's up with the oh-so-classy plastic tablecloth? Who's happy? Time to blow out the candles. Look at where everybody's eyes are pointed.  Kathryn is looking at the camera, Gavin is eyeing his presents and Zoe is scoping and going for the strawberries and other dessert treats. Zoe providing moral support as Gavin starts unwrapping.
img 0081 Gavin's hands are a blur as tears into the gift wrapping. Kathryn's birthday tradition, dining room streamers, make for a festive room.