Marble Creek Camping

Zoe and Gavin headed to our campsite's own private island in the Cascade River almost immediately after we pulled into the campground. Spacious enough for a little soccer ball kick around. Zoe trapped in an Uncle Brian straightjacket. Evidently it's not so bad. Aidan the cold boy. While the other kids are running around in shorts he's got at least 6 layers on and is still cold. Aliya and Gavin crossing one of the campsite's two natural bridge to the island.
A view across the Cascade River. The fog never lifted high enough for us to see the top as we've been able to in years past. Michelle and Kathryn share the low-rider hammock.  Why is it so low? Zoe and Aliya show how it should be done. Reading under the shelter of a huge tree during one of the day's many rainstorms. Hunkered down. Our plan to hike up to Cascade Pass was washed away by the first rain we've seen in weeks.
Interestingly all the rain caused the muddy river to rise several inches wiping out all the low-lying sandbars around the island. By the next day the river had returned to its original level and color. Empire building prior to the river's rise. Showing off the village of Nu which has a long history with multiple religions and empires. Amazing what you can do with some sand, water, rocks, leaves, twigs, and lots of creativity. Our view down the Cascade River.  Looking the other way was similarly scenic as the rest of the campground's access to the river was a quarter mile away around a bend. Wading across during high water. The tucked in shirt look is not Gavin's best. Luckily he only did it temporarily to keep the shirt dry.
A bird, a plane...nah...just a foggy mountainside. Running back out after a plunge in the river at the campground's main beach.  Brrrr... What a lovely child. Aliya the cherry tomato chipmunk. Making instant popcorn after Aidan and Gavin failed to follow the instructions on the package. Amazingly this worked very well.  Meanwhile the shoes in the lower right are melting.
Popcorn thugs Finally a break in the rain let us out for a brief hike on Sunday up the valley.  Unfortunately Cascade Pass looked socked in all year perhaps. img 9501 Lovely river a couple miles upstream.