This Easter we hunted for the Easter Bunny's treats in Michelle and Brian's back yard and in Lord Hill Park near Snohomish.
Aidan, Aliya, Sophie, Zoe, and Gavin enjoying brunch at the kids table.  Notice the awesome bunny bread in the middle.  Zoe's having her (soon-to-be-patented) chocolate-chip bagel with salmon cream cheese. Gavin ready to sacrifice the bunny bread. All the grown-ups looking very serious about eating brunch.  From left to right - Roger (Brian's Dad), Kathryn, Marian, Dave, Naomi (Brian's Mom), Brian, Michelle, Colby, and Jeff. Let the fun begin!  Where'd that dastardly bunny hide the eggs?  Zilly's off at a full sprint to help. How'd the Easter Bunny get eggs up in the tree?  Quite a leap.
img 5333 Eggs, eggs, everywhere. Aidan's found his share. Zoe and Sophie still looking. img 5342
Did you find any eggs Zilly? Eggless Colby. Even  Martin found an egg. img 5352 The start of the Lord Hill Park egg hunt.
img 5355 img 5357 Oops.  Gavin spilled all his eggs.  Meanwhile Zoe sprinted off to find more. Hard to see it, but there are two mating snakes here. Reaching the turn-around point for the elders.  Zoe, Gavin, and Martin continued to venture around the loop for another mile or two.
Resting in the sun and shade. img 5363