img 1027 Preparing for the dismount from the big boat slide AKA the big slide. Holding Daddy's hand on the way up to the small slide which, rather oddly, is bigger than what Gavin calls the big slide. img 1052 Mom watches Gavin fistfuls of pebbles on the shore.
img 1103 img 1123 img 1133 img 1139 img 1140
img 1141 Why is there a rock on Gavin's head?  No idea, but he seems to enjoy it. img 1192 img 1196 And now it's time to SWING!
img 1214 Are we having fun? img 1227 img 1237 img 1243
img 1258 img 1260 img 1264 img 1266 Checking to make sure the trail is safe before getting back on it.
img 1939 img 1941 img 1942 Zoe is hiding in there somewhere. img 1949
Now representing the USA on the balance beam you'll find Gavin and his Dad. img 1954