South Africa - Bird of Prey

Here's one of the highlights of our trip - the Bird of Prey Center.
The secretary bird looking badass.  It stomps on its prey. Heaven found! A playground. Heading down to where the bird flying will occur. img 0589 Mark Holder, the owner and showman of the Bird of Prey Center with a hawk chomping down on a dead day-old male chicken chick.
img 0595 img 0597 Tricky little jay that's been trained to collect coins (and bills). img 0606 Smart little bird got Zoe by unexpectedly grabbing the out of her left hand rather than the one she was offering in her right hand.
img 0608 Prepping for some personal flying time.  This was one of the coolest parts about our trip to Southern Africa. Owl incoming! img 0613 img 0614
img 0616 img 0619 img 0620 Zoe vs owl staredown. The staredown gets serious - no more sunglasses.
img 0631 img 0635 img 0636 Holy crap! Look at the size of those claws. img 0643
img 0651 img 0652 img 0656 img 0657 img 0658
img 0660 img 0662 img 0666 img 0669 One of Zoe's cutest pictures ever.
img 0672 img 0675 img 0680 The cute walking owl. img 0682