On the way over we stopped at a cafe that had dozens and dozens of wild, though tame, bunnies.  Gavin was fascinated by them. dcp 0834 Women of the North Cascades - Michelle, Marian, and Kathryn. dcp 0843 dcp 0844
dcp 0845 Cute story here - Gavin was running around the room while Dad crashed on the bed this shot was taken from.  Evidently Gavin finally got tired and managed to scramble up onto the relatively high off the ground bottom bed of the bunk bed.  He's way zonked out in the picture. Paul, Susie and Selah join the crew for a hike. dcp 0855 Posing on the rock at the lunch spot at the top of the trail.
And now it's Jeff's turn.  Nobody else was silly enough to jump in. The kids practice with the discs while Paul and Martin head off for a round of disc golf. Gavin stares out at the cold, cold Methow River. dcp 0888 Aidan and Gavin out for a little stoll in the woods.