Crawford Family Reunion

Gavin hanging on for dear life. Zoe playing with the cool new toy Auntie Megan showed up with.  It's all kinds of plastic fruit and vegetables attached with velcro that Gavin and Zoe have been absolutely fascinated by.  Zoe is sure that avocado at home tastes better than this one. All the way from England, Auntie Chasey.  Notice her imaginary husband, David, is nowhere to be seen in these pictures.  Further evidence that he's a grand fiction. Further experiments with Rowan. Zoe, in her oh-so-fashionable full-body sunsuit, checks out the pool with Chasey's assistance.
Rowan helps Gavin in the bouncy toy.  Gavin's past experience with the circus class trampoline, and bed trampoline at home, made this one of the highlights for him. img 4381 img 4382 img 4385 img 4386
Gavin showing Chasey how to eat yogurt.  Or, in this case, how to have a whole glob of yogurt dropped into your lap. Zoe crashed out in Rowan's arms. Afternoon naptime for Zoe and Gavin.  It was kinda warm in Boston this year. img 4395 img 4397
All the girls hanging out in the hammock. img 4404 img 4405 Hey look.  Kathryn was on this trip after all. img 4407
img 4415 img 4418 Victoria reads Big Noisy Trucks to Gavin. img 4425 img 4430
Zoe has googoo eyes for Grandpa. img 4433 img 4439 img 4441 Zoe sound asleep in Kathryn's arms, stranding her in the pool.
Another afternoon naptime.  Did Gavin boot Zoe off onto the floor or did she manage this trick all by herself?  It can't be very comfortable having your head on the floor like that, but it doesn't seem to bother her. img 4450 img 4452 img 4454 img 4464
img 4469 img 4471 img 4476 img 4482 img 4485
img 4486 img 4488