Random shots from throughout the year.
Sledding fun up at the Hyak sledding hill at Snoqualmie Pass. Mysterious ice ledge hanging off the back of the car after a bit of melting of the layer of freezing rain we had in the middle of two snowstorms. It was so cool looking that Martin made Kathryn come outside to look at it.  She also thought it was cool, but promptly scampered back inside. Gavin after his Discover Dance performance in Benaroya Hall.  He was very proud of himself. Reading the front section of the newspaper.  At age 8?!?
I'm so strong!  Look at my burly chest! Optical illusion Zoe captured while shooting across the street through the blinds.  I have no idea how this happened. Zilly chilling on the futon. Gavin decided that the top of the gate would be a good place for his sit spot.  A sit spot is something he learned at Wilderness School where you sit quietly and watch, listen, and smell the nature around you.  He stayed up there for 20 minutes. Kathryn was so desparate to plant her garden she didn't even change out of her PJs.  The concrete in the background is ripped up in preparation for planting bamboo to cover the ugly new fence installed by our neighbors.
Zoe sprinting through the playroom to catch up with some friends out on the deck. Huddled around the table enjoying some summer fruit. Zoe, Gavin, and Ruby vamping it up on July 4th. Zoe, Gavin, Ruby, Nancy and D'arcy on July 4th. Zoe making jewelry out of mason jar lids.
img 0047 OK.....hi mmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Kayaking on Lake Union. Scouting out some Lake Union houseboats. img 6248
img 6250 What sort of child drinks salad dressing through a straw?  While naked?! img 6408 Getting ready for bed.  Nice look Kathryn. Zoe and most of her soccer team, the Purple Pandas, attend the last home game of the Seattle University Redhawks women's soccer team.  The Purple Pandas look more pink than purple.
img 6417 Zoe planting bulbs with her class in front of Graham Hill Elementary. Lego minifig assembly. imag0070 imag0071