Bonnie, Lindsay, Graham Visit

dcp 1612 Heading over on the Bainbridge Island ferry. dcp 1615 dcp 1617 dcp 1619
dcp 1622 dcp 1623 More daddy in training dcp 1625 dcp 1626
dcp 1628 Two very noisy trumpeter swans.  Really noisy.  Can't you hear them? dcp 1631 dcp 1634 dcp 1635
dcp 1637 The moss garden.  The coolness of this spot didn't quite translate to film. Lindsay and Graham (can you see him?) reflecting in the Reflection Pond. dcp 1645 dcp 1648
dcp 1650 dcp 1653 dcp 1656 Kate, Lindsay and Graham standing atop the Moon bridge. 3 months along.  Am I showing?
Who's a happy baby? dcp 1669 dcp 1670 dcp 1671 dcp 1672
dcp 1673 Uhoh!  The digital camera just took a header into the ground! Martin's attempt to fix it after this picture results in a lovely set of blurry pictures.