Zoe Settles In At Home

img 1748 Kind of like carrying the newlywed bride through the door, but different. Eensy, weensy, teeny tiny Zoe meets Grandpa for the first time. img 1758 img 1759
Zoe meets Marge again.  Marge was our doula and one of the very first people to see Zoe.  She's a midwife with 30 years' experience who coincidentally taught our midwife at the hospital.  Having two midwives at the birth was great. img 1763 img 1764 Gavin appears to be perfectly content to share his Mom with his new little sister. Ferdinand didn't even notice Zoe's arrival.  Too much sleeping to do.
img 1769 img 1776 img 1779 Zoe helping her Dad work on the laptop. img 1924
img 1925 Somehow this is calming.... img 1927