South Africa - Billy Bongos Backpacker

In the town of Sabie we stayed at our first hostel, or as they call it "backpacker". It was a nicely tended, though funky, place. We went on our only real hike while staying here.
Travelling in style.  This is our room at Billy Bongos Backpackers.  Martin is staring in consternation at his netbook because the internet connection took 5 minutes to load GMail. Zoe all decked out and ready to hit the trail. Doing laundry as best I could. Heading out of a park towards our trail. Zoe and Gavin discussing something important.
On to the trail.  Wait a second...are we back in Washington?  The only real giveaway that we weren't was the incessant and loud hum of the cicadas. Are we done yet? img 0707 img 0708 img 0711
Zoe's body languague says it all as we take a brief pitstop by a confluence of two streams. img 0715 img 0717 img 0719 Most definitely not a natural forest.  The trees are planted in rows for easy harvesting.
Zoe showing Martin a curled up fern frond. Aha!  Our lunchtime destination is in sight. img 0724 Pretty! A little bushwacking to find a lunch spot by the side of the waterfall.
Made it! Lunchtime.  Zoe lost a tooth here which was certainly a bit odd. Next we scrambled our way up to the top of the falls to look around. Oh sure...that looks completely safe Zoe. img 0733
img 0734 Martin a bit skeptical of getting too close to the edge.  The 50' drop-off would not have made for a pleasant landing. img 0736 Taking a logging road shortcut back to the trailhead.  Zoe is d-o-n-e. img 0740
img 0743 Whole smoked trout.  It was surprisingly tasty. Mamma! img 0752