White River Falls Camping

Martin solo run.  Looking up the Napeequa River valley. A lovely rest spot by a pond. img 3030 Upper Twin Lake.  Very pretty, but no easy way to get to the water. Hard to see, but there are a ton of bumblebees working these flowers.
img 3038 Zoe "relaxing" in camp next to the White River. img 3040 img 3043 img 3046
img 3048 Joined up by Rachel and Ben and their two girls. Making our way across the island near the campground. ...to the river.  This was actually a surprisingly dangerous spot since the fast moving water goes over 50' falls at the edge of the picture. img 3056
Relaxing on the rocks, enjoying the sound of the water rushing by and the sun beating down upon us. Chaperoning Zilly across the creek to the island. Peeking over the rock down to the main falls.  Staying low to make sure we don't topple over. img 3062 img 3063
Slip-sliding down the steep, dirty hill right next to the campground. Zoe?  What are you doing down there? img 3068 Kid dam-building time. Eating the shish kabob ingredients while prepping dinner.
Start of Martin's solo run up the White River Valley which turned into a completely over-grown trail after a few miles. img 3094 img 3100 Gavin's turn to tackle the trail with Kathryn and Zilly. img 3108
img 3109 img 3112 img 3115 img 3116 img 3117
img 3120 img 3121 img 3124 img 3125 img 3137
img 3140 img 3141 img 3142 img 3144 img 3147
img 3150 img 3153 img 3177 Taking a quick stop at the secret kite surfers' beach on the north shore of Lake Wenatchee. A couple of these guys were amazing, shooting up 20' into the air while zipping across the lake.
img 3182