North Cascades Camping and Rafting

Start of Martin's solo run up to Lookout Mountain.  This was the slope steepness most of the way, so lots and lots of switchbacks. First stighting of the destination still another couple thousand feed up. img 3499 Looking back down into the Cascade River valley. Nearing the top and looking around at some of the peaks, none of which I know the names of.
img 3503 img 3504 Getting very close to the top now. img 3507 Looking back down to the valley floor where the run started.
Opening up the door and heading into the lookout.  A couple beds and a stove make for a cozy (and free) place to sleep. ...and what an amazing 360° view. Not the prettiest bed, but the view is hard to beat. img 3514 img 3515
Prepping for the float down the Skagit River. Looking downstream from the launch point. Rob doing final prep while Zoe, Gavin, and Miles provide absolutely no assistance. Martin and Rob help launch the main boat.  The canoe and raft in the background are the other "vehicles". img 3522
Diane at the helm. img 3524 Off we go... ...bye bridge. Zoe and Sofia realize how tough the oars are to handle.
img 3531 img 3532 img 3534 The rest of the flotilla tries to catch up to the main boat. img 3540
img 3542 Our first, very light taste of whitewater.  There wasn't much to be found on this trip, which is a good thing. img 3544 Martin, Gavin, and Miles (hidden somewhere) test the float-worthiness of the raft in the whitewater.  Thankfully it survives unscathed. Coming in to shore for a break.
img 3551 img 3553 img 3554 img 3556 Rob decides to let Zoe and Sofia take charge of the canoe.
Meanwhile the ladies kick Martin out of the raft. img 3562 img 3563 Rob and Kathryn prepare to run up to Cascade Pass. img 3571
img 3572 img 3573 Looking down at Doubtful Lake on the way up to Sahale Arm above Cascade Pass. img 3575 img 3576
img 3578 Up above the tree line now and heading up, up, up. img 3580 img 3581 Hello Mr. Marmot.
Back down at Cascade Pass again looking from whence I came. Looking down from Cascade Pass towards the trail that eventually ends up in Stehekin on Lake Chelan. Mix-Up Peak Back down at the parking lot again post-run. Rob finishes up his run.
Commence silliness at Cascadian Farm Ice Cream stand. img 3596 img 3597 img 3599 img 3600