Gavin Hospital Stay

Martin and Gavin crashed out on the oh-so-comfy fold-o-seat provided for the fathers.  Of course, after very little sleep over a couple days a pile of broken glass would have made a comfy bed. Martin again doing the exhausted dad thing, this time on a rocking chair. How safe is Gavin in this position?  Safe enough evidently since the next day Martin decided to flip the entire chair over backwards while holding Gavin.  A safe, though noisy, landing by both with Gavin sleeping through everything. Jeff Chen holding the 1 day old baby.  It's OK Jeff, he won't break. Proud recovering Mom dcp 0493
Grandma Margrit Saxer, meeting her first grandchild for the first time. And Grandpa Hans Saxer. dcp 0503 A slightly uncomfortable attempt to squeeze the entire family into a standard issue hospital bed.