Random shots from throughout the year.
dsc00111 dsc00114 dsc00650 dsc00651 dsc00656
dsc00754 dsc00942 dsc01015 dsc01376 Deck construction project as a playground.
dsc01388 dsc01390 dsc01392 dsc01394 dsc01402
dsc01403 dsc01406 dsc01409 dsc01498 dsc01501
dsc01504 dsc01508 imgp0488 imgp0491 imgp0493
imgp0497 imgp0499 img 4027 img 4028 Magnificent kid block construction.
img 4034 img 4050 img 4052 img 4059 img 4061
img 4072 img 4073 img 4079 img 4131 img 4132
p1040386 p1040393 p1040402 p1040404 p1040408
soaring eagle race - 2nd place in 10 mile soaring eagle race Trying to look good for the camera despite being exhausted from the uphill. More fake happiness. Seriously!?!  Stop smiling!
Getting close to the end! Martin managed to get 3rd place in his first 50K race.  Helps that there were only 40 people racing. Running hard at the start of Soaring Eagle 50K. Running far slower at the finish, but still managed to grab 2nd place. zoe - kids co kelsey creek field trip
Zoe, Deena, and Gavin hamming it up. Yes, this is how Zoe and Gavin sometimes sleep in our "beds" room. They sleep like this often as well. dsc01065 Zilly getting some serious Zoe hugs.
dsc01068 Prepping for gingerbread house makin' time! dsc01096 Clean hand inspection time. dsc01135
Our resident monkeys.