beach05 Gavin comes out to watch Mom and Dad play Spring League ultimate.  Little pumpkin head isn't too impressed. dcp 0063 Aawwww....look at the cute little goat. Gavin and Martin lost deep in the heart of the corn maze.
dcp 0149 dcp 0151 dcp 0156 dcp 0161 dcp 0167
Gavin flashing the nurse sign.  Smart boy. dcp 0171 dcp 0208 dcp 0209 Aigh!  It's the close-up doggie breath of Ferdinand.
Is this something like throwing the baby out with the bathwater?  Tossing the dirty baby into the laundry hamper... dcp 1184 Prepping the vegetable garden with fresh compost. Ferdinand doing his best to be helpful. dcp 1297
Gavin and Kathryn with our midwife, Suzi. Look at me Dad, I'm ready to start working in an office! Gavin hanging out with Dad at Potlatch.  It was a scorcher so the umbrella came in handy. Got it! Half of Team Baby Poo preparing for The Hunt, Jeff Chen's organized puzzle/scavenger hunt.
The whole team is here now and we're wandering through Volunteer Park with the first clues in our hands. dsc00505 Heading up to Snow Lake at Snoqualmie Pass.  Gavin didn't realize what he was in for. dsc00513 Gavin wins.  Freedom!
dsc00539 It's our resident neighborhood munchkin guarding our front stops. dsc00544 KWA at Nationals - winner of the keg toss - El Diablo. KWA at Nationals - Britt flexing before his Keg toss.
Gavin's first ride on a swing.  Evidently it's not very exciting since he's sound asleep. Gavin posing for a staged picture at Seed of Life daycare.  Note the look of utter joy on his face.  Poor photographer... Gavin's waddler class at Seed of Life.  He's one of the few kids in this picture that looks mildly amused by all this silliness.  Gavin is good friends with Faith and Alex the two girls closet to him on his left. Can't imagine how much fun it was to arrange this many little ones together for the picture.  Herding cats would be a breeze compared to this. A little post-work Alaska Airlines party.  Gavin's looking particularly cute.  Too bad the same can't be said about his folks. MartinGavinKathryn