Marble Creek Camping

Marble Creek campground is a beautiful USFS campground up in the North Cascades at the confluence of Marble Creek and the Cascade River. We were blessed with two beautifully sunny days so we spent much of our time playing in the sand by the river.
Zilly up close and personal as seen by Zoe. Part of Zoe's fairy house. Hanging out in a beautiful spot on the Cascade River just a couple minute stroll away from our campsite. Zilly enjoying the toasty warm beach sand. Some awesome peaks and glaciers at the end of the road in the North Cascades National Park.  Looks like some great hiking starts here.
Gavin free soloing some Class 2 rocks. img 6025 All these beautiful mountains around and what's Gavin interested in?  Yep, reading books. img 6027 Heading back down the road to our campsite.
img 6032 img 6034 img 6036 Kathryn in for a swim.  This water was C-O-L-D!  Pretty much straight off the glaciers a few miles up the valley. img 6049
Look at all the rocks Zoe has to throw. Zilly and Martin having a little lounge time in what little shade they could find.