Here's the slippery, slidey, hard-packed ice path down to the little hill you can see off in the distance.  You can see Aidan getting a ride down in a red plastic sled from his well-prepared dad.  Good job Brian. img 2284 img 2285 Jeff and Martin look up the hill.  Zoe's nicely tucked away inside her Dad's roasty, toasty coat. Ready?  Aim.  Fire!
Aidan's having a rocking good time tackling this hill in his sled. And now it's Gavin's turn.  Brian the pack mule drags him up the hill. img 2294 img 2298 img 2303
Do you think Aidan's having fun?  Hard to say. And how about Aidan's dad Brian?  Is he having fun dragging the kids up the hill over and over?  Looks like he doesn't seem to mind too much. img 2308 img 2311 img 2314
Little boy blue... img 2319 After the sledding hill adventure we went off on a little stroll around an island out in the river. See that little bare patch back there.  No problemo for the the plastic sled loaded down with a minipile of kids. This doesn't appear to be quite as popular as the hill with Gavin and Aidan. img 2328
img 2329 img 2334 Back at the cabin again it's time for one of this weekend's best group activities - book reading. Here's Greg holding the always quiet Sylvia. img 2342
img 2344 img 2347 img 2368 Despite Jeff's best efforts to sleep in each morning this is how every one of his days started. img 2371
img 2372 Gavin has no idea how to count beyond 5, but he's putting on a good show. img 2375 Jeff does the same, though more stylishly. Brian and Aidan fly down the hill together.  Gavin never got into this hill, too high a degree of difficult, so no shots of him.
Post-sledding picnictime out by the lakeshore.  It's nice and warm in the sun. Gavin attempts to eat an apple as big as his head. img 2398 img 2399 img 2400 img 2401
img 2403 img 2404 How about this shot of Lake Wenatchee?  I love the concentric rings spreading out from the base of the picture towards the mountains in the distance. img 2408 Jeff and Gavin conducting gravity tests.
img 2415 img 2416 img 2417 The whole gang, minus Martin, enjoy the warmth of the beach. What color do you think is Kathryn's favorite?  One guess.
img 2422 Next up in the good smile, bad smile competition are Jeff and Kathryn. It was a wee bit chilly so we had lots of warm blankets piled atop everybody. img 2429 Gavin wasn't so sure he like this horsey ride.  Most likely he was just freezing cold.
Well, I'll be.  A horse's butt. img 2433 img 2434 img 2436 img 2437
img 2438 img 2439 Hard working horses.  How they stay warm is a bit of a mystery. Here's a group shot with everybody on the trip. Back row: Greg holding Sylvia, Ali, Jeff, Kathryn holding Zoe, horse. Front row: Annalise, Martin holding Gavin, Brian holding Aidan, Michelle. Gavin waves "Hello" to one of the smaller horses.
Woah Nellie!  The horse says "Hello" back to Gavin.  Is Gavin holding onto the horse's lip and nose?  Hard to say, but I hope not. More, more, more! img 2449 Is there anything better than a cup of warm cider after playing out in the cold?  Well, only if you can to do it with your friends.  Right in front of some stereo speakers. Finally, a little computer wizardry to put together this panaroma shot of Lake Wenatchee.