Gavin Around The House

What's more interesting - a book or a cat? Gavin thinks a tasty cat is far more fun than reading, at least for now.  Normally Gavin is a reading fiend, bringing book after book to any nearby adult. dcp 0304 Gavin doing the sign for "bird".  There's a 50/50 chance that there are actually birds outside the window.  He loves the sign so much, or perhaps it's birds he loves, we sometimes does the sign when there are no birds to seen or heard. Uncle Jeff reading two books with Gavin simultaneously.
dcp 0368 Michelle and Aidan going to town on some homemade waffles. dcp 0428 dcp 0432 Look at those sad puppy dog eyes.  How can you not give him a cookie?
Waaaaaaaaaaahhhh!  Mama!  The invisible grass snake bit me and made me fall down. OK, all better again.  Hey!  What's Ferdinand doing in the background?