South Africa - Dullstroom Nature Reserve

Next up was a trip to Dullstroom, which is like the Scottish Highlands of South Africa. It's an area known for, of all things, trout fishing. Our cabin there was at 6,500' elevation so a run to the top of the hill across the lake was quite the aerobic workout.
Zoe doing her math workbook on the bathroom floor.  Whatever works... And here's Gavin's schoolwork technique. img 0535 img 0540 Looking out from our cabin across to the hill.
A victorious return from atop the hill. img 0547 img 0548 Heading off on a little exploration from our cabin which is on the far right. The trail end just beyond the trees in a swampy bog.
img 0554 img 0556 img 0558 img 0560 Heading down to the other end of the trail to the hiking trail that goes up the hill.
img 0565 Gavin heading up the hill with Kathryn.  Zoe and Martin hung out down low and explored the nearby lakes. img 0570 Our cabin is the rightmost one with our silver rental car.  For some reason, Kathryn thinks pictures with trains running through them somehow embody Africa. img 0573
Huffing and puffing less than halfway up.  Time to turn-around so we can make it to our next big adventure - the Bird of Prey Center. img 0575 img 0577 img 0579 Gettin' artsy.
img 0584