South Africa - Traveling There

Our 3 weeks in Southern Africa begins with a 30 hour trek, consisting of two 10 hour flights with a layover in Frankfurt, Germany.
All packed up and ready to leave SeaTac after having cleared security.  Notice how loaded up Zoe and Gavin are.  They've got many pounds of books and food. Is our plane here yet? Hop #1 over to Frankfurt before heading down to Johannesburg.  The kids are ecstatic to find tons of movies to watch, which we make a screentime exception for to retain our sanity.  Meanwhile us grown-ups enjoyed the free alcohol from Lufthansa. Nap time.  Notice Martin's arm playing D against Zoe's wild leg thrashing that would clock Gavin, that's him sort of underneath Zoe, in the head. Mini playground in the Frankfurt airport.  Gavin's too cool to go on it, but Zoe had fun scrambling around for a bit.
Heading towards leg #2 - onwards to Johannesburg. Not the most flattering picture, but one of the few with the whole family in it.  We've made it to Johannesburg and are all smiles...well...almost all smiles. The end result of all that travelling.  Neither Zoe or Gavin could stay awake for our first dinner in South Africa, despite much pleading.  Martin enjoyed his first taste of ostrich, which he declared to be "Super yummy!".